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Leading expertise across the oceans
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Keeping a high profile

With the order of no less than seven military ships, along with a number of wide-ranging additional operational and maintenance services, between July 2014 and October 2015, DCNS’s growing partnership with the Egyptian Navy has gone from strength to strength.

With the signing of four Gowind®-class Corvettes in July 2014, followed by the delivery of the mutli-mission frigate FREMM Tahya MisrLong live Egypt in Arabic – in August 2015, and that of the Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Anwar El Sadat, two Mistral-type projection and command ships (BPCs) in June and September of 2016 respectively, the figures speak for themselves.

The order for the seven ships with their annex services is not only a testament to DCNS’s extensive capabilities, but also a testament to the Egyptian Navy’s commendable ambition to modernise its fleet, and the country’s defence.


Shipbuilding on solid foundations

With Transfer of Technology playing an important role in DCNS’s ongoing partnership with the Egyptian Navy, it was agreed that three of the four Gowind®-class Corvettes would be assembled locally in Alexandria, thereby prompting the need to upgrade local dockyards and expertise accordingly. From training dockyard technicians and engineers in Lorient, to providing onsite technical support, DCNS is present every step of the way ensuring compliant local facilities and top-of-the-range local expertise.

DCNS’s involvement therefore seamlessly extends beyond the simple delivery of vessels and includes the development of local tools and expertise crucial to the upkeep and maintenance of reputable naval forces. DCNS’s commitments to maintaining the seven vessels for a number of years is a clear indicator of the lasting bond it wishes to establish with the Egyptian Navy.

Be it providing assembly ‘packages’ with corresponding manuals, processes and technical details, or providing all-inclusive turnkey solutions, DCNS takes pride in answering its clients every last need – a formula applicable the world over.


The theory and practice of training crew members

Building and maintaining ships is one thing, operating and navigating them is another. With heavily automated military ships comes a need for in-depth training of the various crews, and DCNS and its partner companies know all about that. Training programmes carried out by DCNS comprise different phases including theory, land-based training in simulators and onboard training at sea. The already highly qualified Egyptian Navy benefited from further training carried out by DCNS and STX France officers and covered tremendous ground over the course of only a few months.

With three ships delivered, four under construction, local dockyards and expertise upgraded and a total of 400 Egyptian sailors completing training, DCNS is an uncontested front-runner in comprehensive naval solutions worldwide.



A global recipe for success

DCNS accompanies navies across the board, from training their technicians to maintaining their vessels. Beyond Egypt, DCNS continues to deliver similar vessels and annex services to a number of established navies, including those of Morocco, Malaysia, India and Brazil – where every collaboration, however in-depth it may be, is a tribute to DCNS’s complete range of services.